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Exciting offer of Body Rejuvenation Device


Order of Our new Body Rejuvenation Device comes with one hour training

Any order of the most update Body Rejuvenation System  comes with one hour hands on comprehensive training- either the most popular Facial Rejuvenation package including lines removal, eyes and face uplift, kissable lips, neck resurfacing etc.  or the Hair Regrowth System or Instant Hearing Enhancement or Reading glass off program.  Please specify when place the order.

Announce coming events

We are going to open our new clinic in Hong Kong soon.  Hope you can come  and share the excitement.  Please look out for our announcement!

Testimonials at Microcurrent seminars and conferences

Treatment of a mid 60's year old gentleman of few months total hearing loss to exclaim in the middle of the treatment -"Oh I can hear!"


A PT at Grand Junction CO with years of nasal allergy to experience instant unblock of nasal passage with 1 treatment


Video showing how dramatic the result of hair Regrowth on different patients


YouTube of neck, shoulder and LBP

Video of step by step treatment to a PT in Grand Junction CO  showing immediate improvement in range of motion and muscle control in eccentric extension of neck


I am so glad that this Video of 16 years old girl with shoulder pain X 1 year show instant relief of pain during treatment in Chicago seminar


Video of middle age lady with Low Back Pain show instant relief with dramatic improvement of range of motion at 3rd Microcurrent conference in AZ USA


Youtube  of Hips, Knees and Ankle Microcurrent Therapy

Treatment of bilateral Hip Arthritis with difficulty walking on level ground showing instant improvement in the Chicago seminar with the American College of Physical Medicine ACPM


Treatment of an overweight Naturapathic Doctor with severe leg pain that has difficulty even walking on level ground and has mark limitation squat right down, again show instant improvement during the Chicago seminar


Treatment of a NY PT Diego with 5 weeks old fracture fibula - having pain, mark limitation of ankle range, weakness in big toe extension, show remarkable improvement during demonstration of Microcurrent therapy in 3rd Microcurrent conference in AZ USA - Part I


Part II 


Treatment of a middle aged gentleman with many years of knee pain developed into bow leg deformity very clumsy going up and down steps. Part II showing he can easily go up and down step after a brief 30 min treatment.

Part I.  http://youtu.be/WDBg3UILzlY

Part II.  http://youtu.be/Mo8xhuFEygI

Be the first batch of Therapists and Doctors-to acquire this new skill

Join us! 

To change the paradigm of how we should look after our body and help to make the people of our nation strong again!

The Grand Opening

We are proud to open our clinic in Hong Kong soon.  Please register your interest if you are keen to recover your Hearing, recover your vision, rejuvenate your joint before you decide whether you need the drastic operation, or you want to stop hair loss immediately and grow your hair back.  Or simply you want to learn how to apply the unique technique on your family members or yourself.


1. What is special about this Body Rejuvenation Device?

This is the brain child of Dr. Thomas Wing’s  latest model of his invention.  I have tested it repeatedly  on my clients to make sure it gives exactly the result I want. And I will make sure YOU buying my machine would get the same result by providing full support and  training.

2. Are there any side effect of using this machine?

100% no side effect as it is non invasive and is absolutely natural body current.  To safe guard yourself I would suggest to treat with caution on pregnant woman and patient with cardiac pacemaker.  Best to obtain the consent of the responsible medical personnel first If necessary.  Please note it is a common occurrence to notice bruising on treated affected areas especially in muscle with good blood supply, Eg. Calf and glut, this would subside in 7-10 days after finished thevtreatment.  I highly suggested you remind the patient of this reaction before the treatment.  Please note this is not a side effect but an indicaction of toxin removal which is beneficial to the result of the treatment.

3.  Do I need to pass any test or examination before I am allowed to treat on patients?

Yes, a test to follow the exact protocol is necessary to verify the standard and a certificate will be issued to allow the medical personnel to treat clients with that particular condition only.  Eg. One who learned to regrow hair with that particular certificate can only treat patient for a living to regrow hair.  On the other hand, one can practice on patients free of charge with mutual consent.  

This certificate needs renewal every year to safe guard the standard.

4. We welcome any further question and will post it if we find it is beneficial to the general public but will ask your consent first for privacy issue.

We now officially invite the order of the Body Rejuvenation Device