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1. What is special about this Body Rejuvenation Device?

This is the brain child of Dr. Thomas Wing’s  latest model of his invention.  We have tested it repeatedly on our clients to make sure it gives exactly the result we want only better. And we make sure YOU replicate the same result through full support and  training.

2. Are there any side effect of using this machine?

There is 100% no side effect as it is non invasive and is absolutely natural body current.  To safe guard yourself we suggest to treat with caution on pregnant woman and on patients with cardiac pacemaker.  Best to obtain the consent of the responsible medical authority first If necessary.  

3.  Do I need to pass any test or examination before I am allowed to treat on patients?

Yes, test to verify the standard and certificates will be issue to control the standards.    

4. We welcome any further question and send to ngmilly@gmail.com